Project: Colwyn Bay

Works: Design and installation of soil nails to a retaining wall.

Equipment used: Mini drill mast excavator mounted

Project Details:

Our private client had a structural engineer recommend our company to desing and install our bespoke “pedestrian plates” which are bearing plates with no protrusions especially designed for areas where people may come into contact. The soil nails were designed to be 5.omtrs depth through made ground and firm dry clays ground conditions were confirmed when we dug a trial trench across the site to pick up any services. Firstly 110mm diameter holes were cored through the wall then soil nails were drilled and grouted in situ with the pedestrian plates fitted immediately. The plates were bedded on sand cement mortar with the inner tube filled with the same , steel discs were welded over the entrance to give a smooth finish , the plates were painted in a grey to match the surrounding wall. The contract was completed on target with the client very happy with our works.